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Orangeries Conservatories


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Timber Framed Conservatories & Orangeries

Whilst often people use the terms orangeries and conservatories interchangeably, they are in fact two entirely different structures and in fact ‘conservatory’ actually has a legal definition.

To summarise however, a conservatory is a more complete glass structure with the key difference being the construction of the roof. A conservatory has a complete glass roof whereas an orangery has a more structured roof with a roof lantern built into the centre.

Orangeries date back as far as the 16th century but became increasingly popular towards the late 17th century. Whilst they were first intended as a practical structure for growing fruit, particularly orange trees, they soon became a symbol of wealth and prestige.



Conservatories have a similar background and were actually an 18th century improvement on the orangery by the Dutch and consisted of them adding a sloping glass roof to the structure giving the plants inside more life.

Whilst becoming important symbols and aspirational products, they were still primarily functional buildings, and whilst it cannot be denied that they were not used for social events, that was not their main purpose. Despite a few early examples of ‘sunrooms’ it was not until the mid to late 20th century that orangeries and conservatories became what they are today.

Glass techniques have improved immeasurably and what were once seasonal rooms, are now functional, practical and bright spaces that can be enjoyed all year round.

Using our stunning engineered timber products, you can create truly incredible orangeries and conservatories, with solar control glazing ensuring they never get too warm or too cool.

Our flagship showroom in Harborne has a full-sized hardwood orangery constructed within, finished in a stunning French Grey it compromises of a set of bi-folding doors, a triple sash window and a set of French doors. On the roof you will find a Victorian timber roof lantern with two large ball finials and tinted glass.

Orangeries and conservatories are a sizeable investment but they are a spectacular addition to any property, not only increasing usable space, but bringing in floods of light, and in time, will add significant value to your home.


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