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Period homes are hugely sought after on the property market and attract a premium as a result, so pulling out all the stops to complete a sympathetic renovation is certainly worth the effort.

Home-buyers investing in a period property will usually be keen to preserve its heritage for their own enjoyment – as well as taking a natural interest in enhancing the value.

While the rewards in undertaking a sympathetic renovation project are many the process may take more time to ensure alterations remain in keeping with the house.

Key considerations when tackling the project should include:

Preserving original features
Period features are what define a heritage property so it is essential to protect these when making changes. Whether large or small, the details really add to the character of period properties. Panelled walls, picture rails, fireplaces, historic flooring, light fittings and sash windows are usually expected in period homes. When making alterations take care to incorporate these original features into the plans.

Choose suitable materials
Making changes that compliment the heritage of the home will mean giving careful thought to what materials to use. Brickwork, tiles and wood should be carefully sourced to keep in fitting with the existing structure. Likewise when repairing windows, choose materials that are in keeping with the rest of the house – sash windows can be made in timber with a traditional pulley system in place for example.

Repair where possible
Time may have left its mark on a period property and it may be impossible to preserve all original features but where possible make repairs rather replace traditional features. Treating wood, adding fresh paint – or getting in specialist help – can make a huge difference. Allow imperfections brought about by the passage of time to be part of the home’s character.

Use specialist tradesmen
Where possible use tradesmen that specialise in particular areas of restoration as they will be better placed to understand the delicacy of dealing with a period property. They will also be able to suggest the best materials to use and can more easily identify and deal with any potential problems.

Pay attention to the exterior
While it is very easy to spend more time considering the day-to-day living arrangements in a home always make sure the exterior is in top condition. Brickwork, paintwork, windows are vital to security and protecting the building into the future. Protective finishes can be applied such as limewash, while updating paintwork will protect woodwork on sash windows and original doors.

Observe any planning restrictions
Conservation areas can have strict regulations in place about what can and cannot be done to update properties. Make sure you do not fall foul of this by finding out what applies to your home before getting started on renovating your period property.

Consider the decor
The way you choose to decorate the interior of a period property will have a huge impact on its character. Use traditional paint colours contemporary to the age of the house and consider the impact on traditional fittings.

The Harborne Sash Window Company Spa offers expertise in sympathetic period property renovation and can deliver bespoke sash windows, timber doors and orangeries that compliment the individual heritage of a home.

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