Hidden Spring Box Sash

Hidden Spring Box Sash

Our Hidden Spring sash windows are available in a choice of either timber or uPVC.

In the range by Timber Windows, the Hidden Spring sash window is an alternative design to the conventional box sash window that retains the simple elegance of the traditional English sash window, but uses a spring balance instead of sash cords and weights.

Our selected woodgrain effect uPVC windows offer paint free maintenance, with a good clean restoring the windows to their best. We have chosen box sash windows that mimic the grace of real timber, many visitors to our showroom are impressed with the realistic appearance and surprised at how uPVC windows are making them harder to distinguish from real wood at a distance.

The mechanism is not visible, it is hidden within the frame of the window for a clean and authentic replication of original sash windows. The glazing bars and meeting rails have been made slimmer to keep the dimensions and proportions correct. This window is more suited to modern buildings that cannot accommodate the regular sized sash windows.

Conventional Box Sash

Conventional Box Sash

Choose our Conventional Box Sash, available in timber, for beautiful and hardwearing windows that will save you money on energy bills. We offer a complete solution ranging from solid oak to hand-crafted modern materials that still look and feel like traditional wood. We have selected what we feel to be the best conventional Box Sash Windows for you, your budget and your home.

The timber windows rival the durability and long life of modern materials with the use of multi-layered, or engineered timber. Using an old technique of layering wood sections in such a way that the wood grain alternates in direction, a very strong timber is created that is warp and twist resistant.

Gone are the sash windows that rattle in their frames, letting draughts in and offering would be intruders an east access point – modern timber sash windows provide all the latest innovations from draught strips to top double glazing units and security measures – these are sash windows that look every bit as authentic with none of the compromise.

Conventional Slim Box Sash

Conventional Slim Box Sash

Conventional Slim Box Sash Windows are the perfect solution for homes with a narrow sill but want to achieve the traditional appearance of sash windows.

The very traditional style of sash windows is synonymous with Victorian and Georgian terraced houses but with the advent of uPVC windows and double glazing, it was hard to get the windows to fit in the place where the single glazed originals came out.

The timber windows that we use make the slimmest sash windows on the market. At around 5.5 inches in depth, these really are the answer for many period properties where the normal sized windows will not fit.

Made with engineered or multi-layered timber, a timber that is formed from several sections of wood to produce a stronger material that resists any warping or twisting. Timber windows offer real authentic charm, the true to form, thanks to the strong timber that enables the same width frames and sashes as the originals along with krypton gas filled double glazing.


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