Contemporary Flush Casement

Contemporary Flush Casement

Whether you choose uPVC or timber casement windows, this classic yet modern design of casement window is a perfect addition to properties both old and new. The clean, unfussy appearance is simple in looks and use.

Top performance double glazing ensures energy is retained within the property and can maintain a regular temperature throughout the home all year round, Perfect for rooms that get a lot of sunlight as the solar energy is prevented from entering through the glass, so maintaining a comfortable temperature inside even at the height of summer.

Robust hinges offer control over the window aperture – with no need for pegstays other than for secured ventilation or aesthetical reasons if you so choose.

The contemporary flush casement windows sit recessed against the frame for a snug weather resistant fit, a natural barrier against wind and rain. For areas of extreme weather conditions the lipped casement windows may be more suitable as this forms a lip on the outside of the frame instead.

Conventional Flush Casement

Conventional Flush Casement

For traditional properties our range of both uPVC and timber casement windows offer the top performance of modern security, energy efficiency and reliably long lifetimes. The flush casement window sees frame and window sash itself sitting flat across the outer surface, cleanly shutting into the frame.

We offer incredible timber windows, produced from both hardwood and sustainably managed timber for superb environmentally kind windows. Timber windows are a great choice for those wishing to lessen the environmental impact – they are a natural product that actually reduces CO2 in the atmosphere throughout their lifetime, as well as being biodegradable and can last up to twice as long as uPVC.

For people who prefer modern materials there are a great range of windows that have the appearance of real wood whilst being made of uPVC. These can offer a more affordable solution for those seeking a new style window with many customers very pleasantly surprised with the looks when they visit our showroom.

Cottage Flush Casement

Cottage Flush Casement

Cottage Flush Casement windows close into the frame in the conventional manner, slimmer rails and bars mean that less of the glass is covered and therefore allows in more light. Whatever your budget or style we can help you choose the right cottage style flush casement windows.

The cottage style suits many types of properties, casement windows are the oldest style used throughout Britain for centuries and being simple in design and operation offer natural protection from the weather.

It is the 10% extra natural light that makes a big difference to cottages which came with small windows. This extra light is obtained without the loss of the traditional cottage appearance that is synonymous with quaint cottages.

You can be sure that all our windows offer top performance double glazing and can be customised to suit you and your property. The extensive range of colours, as well as the option to have a Farrow & Ball match, means perfect coordination with both existing colour schemes or simply to create a more desirable appearance.

Deco Casement

Deco Casement

Synonymous with the properties built in Britain in the 1920s and 1930s – the interwar period gave rise to properties featuring this beautiful style of window, Timber Windows Deco Casements add character to homes built at this time.

The Deco style window is created using specially designed sections added to the front face of the window which allow the opening sashes to appear recessed within the frame.

Timber Windows use an incredibly reliable material, engineered or multilayered timber – layered in a specific way that strengthens the wood and really makes it the perfect material for windows and doors. The strength of the wood is further protected with an environmentally kind range of paints and stains to prevent any moisture getting into the wood.

Lipped Casement

Lipped Casement

Lipped Casement Windows are used extensively throughout England. The simple yet effective design consists of the casement window that has a lip which prevents the window from going further into the frame and forms a weather proof barrier.

Due to offering increased protection against unpredictable weather lipped casement windows are also sometimes known as ‘stormpoof’.

The casement windows that we stock range from modern PVCu to an innovative timber that offers long lifetimes as well as good looks.

Lipped casement windows are recommended for exposed areas and offer a step more weather protection than regular flush casement windows. Double glazed for excellent levels of thermal efficiency, lipped casements boast excellent U-values and low thermal transfer whether you opt for wooden windows or alternative materials.

Tilt/Turn Casement

Tilt/Turn Casement

Versatile Tilt/Turn Timber Windows have a dual hinge system, allowing the casement to open into the room from side or top – ideal in a modern scheme and in modern buildings and apartments.

Tilt/Turn casements originated in Germany and have spread throughout the rest of Europe. Having both the tilt and turn options means that this type of windows can offer increased ventilation in rooms and also offers a practical solution for cleaning.

Our tilt/turns are fitted with high security multi-point ‘perimeter’ locking systems and key locking handles, whilst an in-built, aluminium ventilation system guards against water ingress.

Pre-glazed and pre-painted prior to leaving our factories, our tilt/turn windows will provide a long life of problem free use. Our Tilt/Turn casement windows are made out of only the best engineered timber.


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