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Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Bay windows have always been popular and have featured on properties since the middle ages but became particularly fashionable during the Victorian period.

Bay windows consist of a number, usually 3, 5 or 7 facets, of casement or sash windows that are connected to one another in a box or curved shape. Due to being a number of connected windows bay windows allow a lot of sunlight to penetrate a room and can also help create the illusion of extra space as they protrude out from the building and can feature stunning stained glass.

We offer both casement and sash bays in both timber and uPVC options. Our uPVC option is woodgrain effect and is a low maintenance alternative to timber. All of the timber that we use is an engineered timber, we offer both hardwood and softwood options and colour can be chosen from our large standard selection or can be matched to any RAL or Farrow & Ball option.


We use only proven top quality materials and hardware.


To reduce heating costs and to improve comfort levels.


Our products feature the most advanced locking mechanisms.


Everything is designed to suit the type and style of a property.